Monday, April 04, 2011

YoLo + PGF + Green Monkeys = Awesome

On Friday, after the fooling, but before dinner, we went by our favorite Midtown hot spot, YoLo, for the Project Green Fork gelato tasting fundraiser. PGF requested that people send in flavor ideas--preferably green ones--to be featured on the YoLo menu. Amazingly, one of my flavor ideas made it to the Top 5.

All of the flavors sounded great and we were happy to get tasting. I must admit that I hadn't had any gelato at the new store yet, because I am usually wooed by the yogurt.

The monkeys were very clear that our flavor was the best, but Warren and I really had a hard time deciding because all five flavors were really, really good. I especially liked how they incorporated local ingredients into the flavor suggestions. None of them actually turned out green in color, but they were green in spirit.

Dining with Green Monkeys gelato

In the end we cast our votes for ourselves as the monkeys commanded, but I wasn't sad to learn that the caramel/salt/coffee combo was the winner. I do hope they'll bring the pear back soon, too.

In the end, PGF raised a nice little chunk of money, YoLo got some exposure, and I got a new dessert to crave.

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