Tuesday, May 24, 2011

(Food) Truckin'

When Rock-n-Romp was over and we started checking Facebook it became clear that we had seriously missed out on some yummy food truck action. Although all four of the trucks competing in Food Network's Great Food Truck Race were downtown within a few blocks of each other, we were just too tired to go downtown. Instead, we opted to gorge on sushi at Sekisui, get a good night's sleep, and look for the trucks in the morning.

When we woke up Sunday morning it was rainy and nasty. That didn't stop us from heading to Overton Square for lunch when we heard that Hodge Podge and Korilla were set up. The monkeys and I watched the first season of the Great Food Truck Race so they were 100% on board with an afternoon of chasing down food trucks. They also thought that they might get on TV, which always thrills them.

(Satchel was purposely closing his eyes!)

After seeing pictures of shrimp tacos on Saturday, I was more than a little disappointed to see a breakfasty menu.

We decided to split a grilled cheese and fries and then head out in search of the other trucks. We placed our order fairly quickly, but the wait was a bit crazy. The monkeys were having a REALLY hard time quietly standing in line.

I left the boys with Warren and walked over to Korilla to get a jump on what I thought might be another long wait. Much to my delight, it was super quick and I had some kimchi tacos and a kimchi quesadilla in no time.

I thought there was chicken with the kimchi, but it ended up being a tofu scramble.

Food in hand, I headed back over to where the boys were huddled under a tarp waiting for the grilled cheese. By now, Warren was pretty much over the whole food truck experience. As we tried to eat the kimchi tacos they basically fell apart. It was sad. As we commiserated with our fellow food truck enthusiasts we learned that sometime on Saturday night the trucks had been mandated to serve no meat. D'oh!

When it finally arrived, the grilled cheese with fried egg was actually pretty good, but near impossible to eat with a plastic fork.

Knowing we wouldn't get any ceviche at the Lime Truck or one of the amazing grilled cheese & pork sandwiches at Roxy, we decided we'd had enough. We had some YoLo for dessert and then went home.

However, by 7pm it was sunny and Roxy was in Cooper Young and the Lime Truck was at the Shell. Satchel and I decided to check them out after all. Roxy was first.

We were a little short on cash after the morning rounds--food truck fare is not cheap! At least not when competing on national TV!--so we had to make the difficult decision between the three options.

I knew carmelized onions would be a hard sell for Satchel so we went with the spinach and leek sandwich and an order of spicy fries. (They were out of their potato salad so we ended up with an extra helping of fries.) The "spicy" part of the fries was sriracha. Nothing fancy but very yummy. And that sandwich? YUM. Leeks may be Satchel's new favorite food. The food came out super fast, which was awesome.

We got in the car with our treats and headed to the Shell where we easily spotted the Lime Truck. Their menu sounded the best and I wanted to try everything but we were down to $9.

We decided on the spinach artichoke dip and strawberry limeade. Satchel LOVES artichokes.

The artichokes were on top of homemade chips. Satchel said they smelled like they were cooked in peanut butter oil.

After all of our running around, I was thrilled to have a cool drink. They had a cooler set up where you could get free refills, which I gladly would have taken advantage of, but we had to head home.

I'm so happy that the food trucks came to Memphis. I hope that they inspired some local restaurants and I can't wait to watch the show to see which of our beloved local chefs and foodies make cameos.

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