Monday, May 23, 2011


On Saturday we had a Rock-n-Romp at one of my alma maters, Rhodes College. Although the forecast at 7am was bleak, it was super sunny and lovely by 3pm when we started the show. We had a great crowd and I saw a lot of new faces and old faces, including many of my fellow Rhodents.

We had about 800 people come through and at one point it got so busy we even put Warren to work!

By 4:30 things settled down enough for Warren and I both to take a break and enjoy the music. We happened to see Jiro walking in one direction just as Chip was walking in the other and we somehow managed to get a photo together.


The monkeys have been eluding the RnR photogs for a while now. Allen said he stalked the monkeys for awhile in order to snap this picture of Satchel in his natural habitat.


The numerous trees were definitely a major plus of the venue--lots of shade for parents and little ones, and lots of climbing action for big kids. Later I managed to catch both Satchel and Chip in the same place and got yet another photo.


Doesn't he look thrilled? All afternoon I tried to get him to take off his long sleeved hoodie. He kept telling me that he wasn't hot and that the sweat on his head was in no way related to the amount of clothes he was wearing. I'm hoping to have him in short sleeves by June. Then maybe shorts by July!

The funnest photo action happened in Jamie Harmon's Amurica photobooth. Once we get the digital copies, that will be a whole 'nother post.


When I wasn't looking for photo ops, I was enjoying the music and talking to friends. It was only when the show was over and I was looking at Chip's pics did it hit me that there's a whole new crew of RnR kids--most of whom weren't even born when we started 5 years ago! That is wild.

I love this little guy--and esp his parents for not letting nap time get in the way of their good time!


The music was really lovely, and reportedly it could be heard for miles around! Lila, who played first, brought along some of her students which was really cool.


The Candy Company donned some awesome 'staches and threw candy to the crowds.


And the City Champs let our little rompers do some rockin' on stage.


But by far the super cool award goes to the Rhodes security guards who gave people rides to their cars and the bathrooms on their speedy golf carts!

It was a great afternoon and we all left happy and exhausted.

Thanks to Chip & Allen for most of the pics above!

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