Friday, May 20, 2011


Warren has been archaeologying outside of Nashville all week, so the monkeys and I have been fending for ourselves. My column yesterday broached our struggles with phone etiquette. While Warren has been away, we've been practicing the much trickier FaceTime etiquette. When the monkeys see a video camera they immediately think that they should perform rather than say, sit still and speak clearly.

We've had a pretty good week though, thanks to a little help from my mom and the local restaurants that have opened their doors to us! The monkeys gave me a giggle this morning when it was time for school. Satchel often attempts to sit in the front seat, but this is the first time Jiro has decided he wanted to drive.

But seriously--one day these kids are going to be driving!

I drove them to school, then rode my bike to work for Bike to Work Day. (So Memphis!) I inadvertently met up with three St. Jude employees in Overton Park and was able to ride most of the way downtown with them. I have to say that shadowing experienced riders was very eye-opening. I really have been riding like a sissy.

One of the highlights of riding through downtown was getting to see the filming of Food Network's Great Food Truck Race in Court Square.

Unfortunately today was a challenge day, so they were not serving the public. They should all be out and about this weekend, so hopefully Facebook and Twitter will be alive with info as to their whereabouts. HodgePodge has been especially networky and has talked to every food blogger in town it seems, so their whereabouts should be well known. They have partnered with the Lime Truck and last I heard they were going to be downtown near the Majestic Saturday and maybe by the midtown YoLo on Sunday. I really want to try Korilla's Korean BBQ, so hopefully I'll get some info on them soon.

At the Bike to Work Expo in front of City Hall, the highlight was Live from Memphis' make your own smoothie bar. The blender was attached to a bike and you had to pedal to blend up your smoothie. I couldn't resist.

Yes, it appears that Larry Smith and Sarah Fleming are spiking my smoothie behind my back!

I was also glad to run into Sam Dunn again, of Drag'n Frozen Treats fame. Today he had orange sorbetto in addition to the lemon. It was the perfect treat after hanging out in the heat for three hours.

Lastly, I leave you with a picture of me and my bike. It was my birthday present to myself, and I love it. There will be a quick 1 minute movie about me & my bike at tonight's Bikesploitation Film Fest at the Warehouse. Hope to see you there!

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Shannon said...

don't feel too bad. that bike wasn't built for speed.

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