Saturday, May 14, 2011

Family Learn to Skate Day

In March, Jiro outed himself as a natural skateboarder over at Banbury Woods. When Warren told him that there was a Family Learn to Skate Day at Greenlaw Community Center, he said he wanted to go. Warren, who was thrilled by Jiro's newfound desire to skateboard, cancelled his usual Kendo practice so that he could take him to the clinic this morning. (I had to do an interview and Satchel doesn't want to do anything these days.)

Just before it was time to go, Jiro got cold feet. "I'm shy," he said.



With some coaxing and prodding (and maybe some bribery) I managed to convince him to give it a try. However, soon Warren called from the Community Center complaining that Jiro wouldn't get out of the car. "He's stubborn," I said. "Do your best."

Eventually Warren was able to determine that Jiro was afraid that he'd been entered into a contest, much like the one we witnessed in January. Once he could see that wasn't the case, he perked up and put on his pads.

They started out on the flat surface, and Warren says he did great. After an hour or so, he even wanted to try the half-pipe inside!

Now of course there is talk of getting him a properly sized board and visiting the community center more often.

Since the event was such a success and everyone is gearing up for the new Tobey skatepark, they are planning a few more family skate sessions. They may even add a few ramps.

If you want to get your kids ready for, or at least excited about the new skatepark, bring them to the skate demo on June 2nd at the Shell hosted by Give365.

Give365 awarded Mark Jannetta, who works at Memphis Athletic Ministries at Greenlaw, a grant that has allowed him to build some ramps for his Sidewalk Skate Ministry program. The ramps will be unveiled for the first time at the Shell.

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