Friday, May 13, 2011

I Love Memphis Mural & General Cooper Young Awesomeness

Last night, Warren, the monkeys, a friend of the monkeys and I went to the launch party for the new I Love Memphis mural in Cooper Young. It's adjacent to the trestle art, just behind Urban Outfitters. A vacant lot that I never noticed or at least didn't pay much attention to before, is now a vibrant work of art.

It was inspired by the sign that Kerry Crawford-Trisler carried around in her purse when she was getting the I Love Memphis blog going a couple of years ago. Now anyone can have their picture made with it whenever they want. And believe me, people will want to because there's more to love about Memphis every day.

The one and only MaryCash, pictured here in my favorite green skirt, is the one who got the ball rolling on the mural, which is the first of ten! (There's a contest to be one of the designers, so click here if you think you could design one).

The launch party was super fun thanks to music from the Wuv Birds, dancing from New Ballet Ensemble, free food and beer, and the opportunity to make a sign saying why you love Memphis to stick on the wall. (See the reasons here.)

After the launch party, we headed a few blocks away to the house of one of Warren's co-workers, who was having a graduation party for some of the young archaeologists on staff. She had the stereotypical artsy Cooper-Young abode, with the most perfect backyard ever.

The boys jumped on the trampoline until they couldn't jump anymore. Then they swung from the tree swing until they could almost touch the sky.

Then we had a feast to end all feasts under the stars.

Just another lovely day in this beautiful city of ours!

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