Friday, July 22, 2011

Week 5 Camp Report

I'm thrilled to say that Rock-n-Romp Camp is exceeding my expectations. The kids are really having a great time and we are so excited about tonight's performances! The 40+ campers have broken into 8 bands and they have been practicing a song all week that they will perform tonight at 7pm. Three of the bands have joined forces with local musicians. The others have either opted to play solo or with their band managers as back up.

Here are the bands that Satchel and Jiro are in to give you a taste of what's coming tonight. Did I mention how excited I am??

The Ghost Hunters
Magnus - Lead Vocals
Jiro - Guitar
Santiago - Guitar
Oliver - Drums
Enrique - Drums
Bobby Matthews- Band Manager
Andrew Maloney- Band Manager

Bio: Enrique and Jiro bumped into each other one particularly humid July night in the basement of a supposedly haunted house in the middle of a secluded Brazilian rainforest. Jiro, with the aid of his trusty infa-red ghost searching goggles, spotted what appeared to be a unicorn. The mythical creature turned out to be Magnus and Oliver in disguise as a unicorn. “Dude, why are you dressed like unicorns?” asked Enrique. “Because, there’s a zombie outside!” gasped Oliver. “And everyone knows that zombies are afraid of unicorns,” added Oliver. “Guys, that’s not zombie,” laughed Enrique, “that’s Santiago, my little brother, and he’s just really hungry!” The boys all laughed and laughed--and THEN they formed this band.

Roman - Bass
Satchel - Keyboards
Kade - Keyboards
Davis - Keyboards
Greydon - Keyboards
Terrence Bishop - Band Manager, Guitar, Vocals
Warren Oster - Band Manager, Guitar

Bio: A toyger is a genetically engineered breed of cat that has genes derived from several different types of house cats and a tiger. They’re like small tigers and they’re aggressive killers. Like the animal, the band is a pack of aggressive furry killers. Kade, the drummer, is from Uranus. Roman is the first human to play bass guitar and football on the moon. Davis was raised by monkeys and plays the piano with a wild flair. Satchel, on the keyboards, emerged from the bean bag in his room. Greydon plays keyboards. The Toygers like rock-n-roll, peanut butter, and animal flesh.

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