Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week 6 Camp Report

This week the monkeys have been at Rhodes for Soccer Camp. Neither of them has really ever played soccer, but I did for oh, fifteen years, so I wanted them to give it a fair shake.

For what we spent on equipment and apparel, I probably could have sent a third camper, but I have to say the sight of them (especially my Jiro) in shin guards and cleats was worth the money alone.


In the afternoon they got to go swimming at the Rhodes pool, which was awesome, but I felt bad for the amount of stuff they had to haul around each day. Inside their (taekwondo) bags they had: a soccer ball, a lunch bag, a bag full of swim stuff, pool shoes, indoor shoes and/or cleats, and a giant water bottle. Their bags were heavy! Luckily once inside the gym they didn't have to do much hauling.

We also forgot sunscreen on Monday, and only partially got the right areas on Tuesday, so they are way tanner (and Satchel is slightly burnt) than in the photo above.

They've been pretty quiet about what they've been learning, but it is clear that they are having fun. They have made even more new friends and are also getting to know other kids that they met at other camps over the summer who just happen to be doing soccer camp too. Satchel was most thrilled to find his best buddy from Lego Camp at the pool in the afternoons.

The funniest part of this camp was that I totally forgot it ended today. Oops! So tomorrow the boys will attend a special one day session of Camp Daddy.

Next week is our final week of camp--Comic Book and Reading Camp. If you really want to hear even more about our summer camp action, check out my column today. (Comments were accidentally disabled this morning so my biggest fans--Pookie and Bogey--didn't get to weigh in at 5am with their witty comments. I feel cheated.)

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