Sunday, August 07, 2011

Week 7 Camp Report

So last week the boys had their final week of scheduled activities. (We have one more week of summer but it will be fairly unstructured and include a road trip.) When I dropped them off on Monday morning I still hadn't mentioned that half of their day would be at Reading Camp. Turns out it was in the morning and Comic Books were in the afternoon, so I just said, "Oh yeah you have Reading Camp first."

They barely blinked and followed me in to the cafeteria where the other Reading Campers were gathering. I introduced us to the teacher and then they had a seat. I drove to my office reflecting on their action-packed summer. Before week one there was lots of questions, anxiety, complaining, and moaning. I'd say that the nonplussed, go with the flow attitude of Week 7 was proof again that my idea of expanding their horizons was a good one.

Amazingly enough they reported that they liked Reading Camp BETTER than Comic Book Camp and that it was FUN. I asked a lot of questions to try and figure out exactly what went on in reading camp, other than reading, of course, but didn't get much info. At the end of the week I did at least see the fruits of their Comic Book Camp. They each had a portfolio that included a very deatiled, hand drawn comic, word searches, and other coloring pages. Jiro had even created a superhero of his own.

It was really nice to have so many great camps to choose from this year. They made a ton of new friends, and even agreed to sign up for fall soccer at Evergreen Presbyterian. I'm so excited!

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