Thursday, September 08, 2011

Delta Fair

The kids love the fair. And i have to say it is growing on me. Since MLGW usually has a booth, I have been required to go for the past several years. Each year it gets a bit funner, probably because the kids are getting older. This is the first year that we all got wristbands, which are actually stamps, so that we could ride as many rides as we wanted.

The lines were longer than I thought they would be--probably due to the awesome weather we had on Monday--but it didn't stop us from getting our money's worth.

The kids could not wait to get back on Crazy Mouse. We innocently rode it last year thinking it was a kiddy ride, but man, is it scary! We were prepared this year, but it was Warren's first ride. It did not disappoint.

We also rode the Avalanche (complete with dancing Carnies!), the flying chairs, the ferris wheel, and most notably Ali Baba. Jiro actually changed his mind about this one at the last second, which was probably a good idea. Satchel cackled the whole time and said, "It tickles!" referring to the feeling of weightlessness.

There was no Fire Ball this year, but maybe next. We ran into my mom, sister, brother-in-law, and niece for a bit, so that made it extra fun.

In addition to the rides there was lots of eating. Jiro had a regular corn dog, a lemonade, a foot long corn dog, and an ice cream sundae. Satchel had a corn dog and a turkey leg. We all split a funnel cake and Jiro remarked that it was "the best thing ever with cake in the name."

I think I may actually be a turkey leg convert now. Satchel's was really good. (We got it at Yancy's.) Unfortunately, I had to stow it in my purse a few times when we went on rides, so I now have the grease stains to remind me of its yumminess.

There were a few corn dog photos taken, but none compared to this one, thank goodness:

The kids really want to go back another day, but they don't have any money to foot the bill so we'll have to wait til next year!

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Colville Clan of TN said...

I happened to Google Memphis blogs and found yours. We moved here not quite a year ago and I'm still not too familiar with the area so I'm really enjoying reading your posts of various activities & things to do. I also have two boys, though younger than yours. :-) Anywho, I'm glad I found your blogs & will definitely be keeping up with them from now on!

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