Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Three Day Weekend in Review

I was so totally in need of a three day weekend. So much so that I didn't make any plans at all. I thought I *might* clean the house, but for the most part I just wanted to go with the flow.

On Saturday, I accompanied Jiro to a birthday party at the East Memphis Y. He was feeling shy and asked me to stay, so I did. After about two seconds he got over his shyness, but I hung out in the corner with my book just in case. At one point he brought me a piece of ice cream cake so it was a good move on my part.

Jiro ended up spending the night with the birthday boy, so I headed back to Midtown alone and picked up Satchel from his playdate. Once he realized Jiro wasn't coming back, he got all mopey. When I suggested we have one of his friends come spend the night he was ecstatic. "I wanted to ask but I thought you were going to tell me that these things have to be planned!" he exclaimed. So he does listen from time to time!

Satchel and his buddy wanted to hang at the house and make goofy videos so Warren and I went to the movies to take a break from the Star Wars marathon on TV. ("Our Idiot Brother" was actually cute.)

Sunday was raining and the Star Wars marathon continued, so we were not at all productive. By 4:30 we were able to motivate ourselves to go bowling with some of the extended family. It was actually really fun.

It was my niece's first time, and she couldn't have been more excited.

I lucked out on my first frame and got a strike. From there it was up and down, but it was enough to tie me for the lead with my brother-in-law. (I should add that we all had the benefit of the bumpers.)

Satchel was the only one who really got bent out of shape about not winning, although I think Warren was a bit annoyed that he could never catch up with me! It took almost two hours for the seven of us to play one game, so that was plenty of bowling. We may try and go back on a Sunday morning when it's a bit cheaper and get some more practice in.

On Monday it was too cold to go swimming, so we hit the trails at Overton Park. Since our last visit a huge tree had fallen.

We discovered that the leaves are already changing.

And we found a new patch of "art."

There are a few other things worth mentioning, but I'll save them for separate posts.

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