Monday, September 12, 2011

First Soccer Game Ever

It's hard to say who was more excited about the boys' first soccer game, but it's fair to say that there was enough excitement to go around.

I spent the morning making muffins, slicing oranges, and filling a huge cooler full of Gatorade for the after game snack. It was nice to be busy, otherwise I might have spazzed. (On Friday night at practice, I mentioned I might make popsicles, but then stopped myself and said I probably wouldn't have time. One of the boys said, "You can stay home and work on them and then bring them after the game. Hilarious.)

Before we left for the 1:15 game, Warren asked me to get a picture of the monkeys outside. Getting them to not act goofy was a real challenge.

Warren was also very concerned that we both wear green to show our support. I have lots of green tees, but he doesn't. I let him borrow one of mine, which turned out to be the official soccer dad uniform.

WE all parked ourselves along the field in our chairs and prepared ourselves for some serious cuteness. The kids did not disappoint. Coach told me beforehand that since Jiro was technically too young for the team that he would only get to play if someone got hurt or tired. I turned to Warren and said, "Great, now I have to root for some little kid to get hurt!"

I'm kidding.

Turns out no one got hurt and Jiro got to play a good bit of the first half a little bit of the second half. Ditto for Satchel. Both had hoped for a turn in the goal, but Satchel was mostly defense and Jiro was offense. Neither one of them outed himself as the star of the team, but they both played really well and really hard. Each of them definitely had some good plays and I was so very proud of them.

They played against Christ United Methodist, which seemed to have more experience. They had us 0-4 at the half, but amazingly enough, our guys scored three goals in the second half. CUMC snuck one more in and the final score was 3-5, which was totally respectable.

The kids seemed to have a good time, and I know I did. My mom said her favorite part of the game was watching me scream and jump up and down. Hopefully people will still want to sit next to me at the next game!

Here are a few funnies from after the game. Despite some of the expressions on the kids faces, I think they did like the muffins. (I made the Chubby Vegetarian's banana-ricotta muffins, minus the walnuts, with added chocolate chips to half of them.)

Is there anything cuter than little boys in soccer uniforms??

I so totally want to coach now.

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Memphisotan said...

I was just saying this weekend that I wish I ever saw some moms coaching. Surely there must be enough women of our generation who played soccer.

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