Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ice Cream and Puppies

On Sunday, I had planned to take the kids to Hernando for a Little Helpers service project at the animal shelter. It was to be followed by a trip to Velvet Cream. Warren kind of poo-pooed the idea (get it?) because he thought playing with a petting dogs that were going to be killed was morbid. I had seconds thoughts because I could see us coming home with a new dog, or two, or three. So I ended up spending six hours scouring our house.

Then we took our twelve year old puppies to the park. We let them swim in Rainbow Lake for the first time in years which meant they would need a bath upon arrival home. Satchel and Jiro agreed to help wash the dogs in exchange for ice cream from the ice cream man.

After washing the dogs, Satchel asked, "Hey when are we going to play with the puppies you told us about?" When I told him we missed it, he was so mad at me! We will definitely have to do better about going to future Little Helpers events. At the very least I will have to do better about telling the kids we are doing something and then actually having us do it.

In totally unrelated news, have you ever met the safety clown?

And who knew that giraffes like popsicles?

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