Friday, September 23, 2011

Kosher Q

On Sunday, the fam and I went to the 23rd annual Kosher BBQ Contest at the ASBEE synagogue out east. I was slated to judge and the boys wanted to come along to eat and hang out.

Satchel begrudgingly agreed to be in the under 13 pickle eating contest. (I promised him a kitten.) He's such a future teenager.

He did not win.

Warren was waaaaaaaaaay more excited about the over 13 competition.

He did not win either.

But it was fun and we ended up with a pickle for everyone!

When it was time to judge, we had a no show, so I managed to get Warren hired.

He took his job very seriously.

Satchel served as our very enthusiastic assistant. He tried every entry and added very colorful commentary that I will not share here. Jiro couldn't even be talked into taking a single bite!

There were some really good entries and some not so good entries. The teams have a very limited time in which to cook and can only used pre-approved ingredients and specially blessed Weber kettle style grills.

Whoever made this brisket rocks. It was head and shoulders above the rest.

Even though the picture is crappy, you can see how it differs from an entry like this:

I still hope to one day convince Warren to enter the contest as a cook. I think that would be the very best way to enjoy the event. Whether or not that happens, it is clear to me that Satchel will one day be a judge. He's a natural.

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Colville Clan of TN said...

Now I want some brisket.

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