Monday, September 26, 2011

Rock-n-Romp Recap

You can see the official recap here...

Saturday's romp was super fun. I worried early in the week about the weather, but it turned out beautiful. The weather lords did send down about 10 minutes of heavy drops just to mess with me. We set up the stage about 300 feet from our power source and it caused a major headache for our awesome sound man, Charlie. For the first time ever we had a band cancel on us right before the show started. They were there and I had assumed they were setting up, but then about 15 minutes before showtime I found out that the lead singer was losing his voice! Dude! Then the Grizzlies came out and graciously set up their inflatables, which unexpectedly deflated and scared the crap out of some kids and parents. We ran out of cups. It was one thing after another! But! I don't think 99% of the people there realized anything was wrong. We had about 900 folks with big smiles on their faces, beer, bbq, yolo and/or pizza in hand, enjoying some nice weather, rockin' tunes, and just being in the presence of other like-minded/fun-loving parents.

Here's Chip's picture of me proudly admiring all of our hard work.


And Warren and I hanging out under the check in tent.


Satchel and Jiro were MIA most of the afternoon. Satchel, after complaining of boredom and "mean teenagers" on the jumping pillow, escaped into the Corn Maze with his friend, Kai, and twenty of my dollars.

Jiro was very happy on the jumping pillow with his buddies. He appeared every so often to ask me for a sip of water and I did manage to get a piece of pizza in him. When Satchel reappeared near the end of the show, he and Jiro ran off to spend the last $5. They both re-emerged later with these awesome headbands, which they wore almost all weekend long.


Then in the most awesome move ever, both kids got invited to spend the night with friends! Warren and I actually got to go have dinner and watch a movie before completely crashing. It was a good day.

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