Thursday, September 29, 2011


I have some heavy material to post about, but not the time. However, here are a few arty things that have been going on that I never got around to posting.

A week ago or so ago we went to the old Sears building to see it get lit up. You may remember the Memfeast dinner I went to back in the Spring. Well last Friday's lights were the culmination of that night's awarding of money to Robin Salant to bring the building to life. Here it is before:

And after:

The lights bounce and sparkle and move around. How fun is that? I saw Robin last night and she said that she didn't get to use solar lights as she had hoped, but the LED lights use very little energy. You can drive by and see the lights any night of the week. Best of all, this is just phase one. More lights are coming!

Jiro had a sleepover, but Satchel and some of his other buddies had a great time running around the parking lot.

They also had a band and Robin's boyfriend, who just happens to be the Executive Director of Indie Memphis, projected a movie on the wall of the parking garage. How cool is that? I would love a regular Sears Movie Night!

Another arty event of note was Park(ing) Day downtown. Thirteen different groups turned parking spots into mini parks.

My favorite was the Teeter Tire made from old car parts and wood.

Chip snapped this pic while teetering with me.

We should have asked them if we could have it for Rock-n-Romp! I did hear that it was pretty hard to transport though.

At last Saturday's show, I was seriously considering getting someone to make an adult sized sit and spin out of wood and a steering wheel. Any takers?

Speaking of Rock-n-Romp, we've been on the hunt for a larger space downtown in which to host the Dec. 3rd show since we've been having such awesome crowds. We went and toured the old Tennessee Brewery, which is awesome, but so NOT kid-friendly. It would be a great place for an adult party though...or a City Museum!

There's even a place for a MonstroCity!

Someday the mean time, we're still looking.

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