Friday, October 07, 2011


So I mentioned that we're getting chickens. Here's how it happened...

First, we went to the Project Green Fork Fall Fundraiser last Sunday.

Second, we took the kids with us.

The fundraiser included a silent and live auction. I have a problem with live auctions, as noted a few years ago when I almost came home with a nine foot stuffed giraffe head from the Memphis Heritage Architectural Auction.

On Sunday, one of the live auction items was an "Urban Chicken" package that included a deluxe chicken coop by Van and Marilyn Cheeseman with 2 chicks or chickens, feed and water containers, one year's supply of chicken feed, and a book on raising backyard chickens.

We have several friends who have chickens, and the kids have chickens at school, but we have never talked about raising our own. If anything, we've been looking for a gumball eating goat! Anyway, I blame the badass chicken coop that Van & Marilyn built. And the kids.

We all agreed that we'd bid on it, but I was willing to let it go when Felicia Suzanne got involved and started giving me a run for my money. That's where the kids come in. They were totally caught up in the excitement and were jumping up and down and begging me to continue bidding. It was hilarious and embarrassing. Even their buddy Theo was excited about us owning chickens!

As you can see, Warren was merrily detached from the whole thing. And if you know Van Cheeseman, you can see that he stayed close by. What you can't see is that he kept whispering things like, "I'll throw in some extra chicks for the kids."

So yes, we won, much to everyone's delight. (Including Felicia, who was doing a bang up job of getting people to donate lots of money to Project Green Fork!)

The coop, which I have failed to take a picture of, was delivered on Monday. We haven't decided what kind of chicks/chickens to get or when. (The kids want chicks because "they'll last longer.") Since we never really considered owning chickens before, we're still letting the reality set in.

I plan to read the book we won, Keeping Chickens, this weekend, which should build my confidence a bit.

Also those of you in town with chickens, feel free to invite us over to check out your rig and inspire us!


Colville Clan of TN said...

I've never had chickens in the city myself, we had 17 acres, if we weren't renting I would get some for sure. Fresh eggs are the best and they take care of your fruit & veggie scraps too. We had Cochin Bantams (tiny eggs but very cuddly), White Leghorns (good layers, not as social) & Rhode Island Reds (great layers & social). We had other varieties, but those were the ones we had the largest numbers in. Y'all are going to have a ball, I can't wait to read about your chicken adventures! I'm a little jealous. :-)

Mel Spillman artwork said...

I want chickens too! Central Animal Hospital has a nice chicken coop in the back. The manager let my CBU photography class come visit and take photos of the chickens. He had tons of great advice on raising chickens and he let them run around the back yard. They were so pretty and funny to watch!

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