Sunday, October 09, 2011

Kitty House

On Friday we received a huge cooler full of meat from Warren's dad. While Warren and I were super excited about the filet mignon, the kids were super excited about the packaging.

Satchel had about an hour's worth of fun with the dry ice.

Jiro spent the same hour decorating the cooler so that the kittens would have a nice house.

He tried putting them inside, but they couldn't jump out fast enough. I suggested he turn it on its side and let them go in on their own. He liked this idea. He took it a step further by placing a few of their favorite toys--a Sharpie, a puffball, and Gustafer Yellowgold's arm--inside. Then to set the mood, he played some music on his iPod.

Pocky went in to sniff the iPod briefly, but that was it. Jiro took it in stride.

1 comment:

Judy said...

Stories about your kids = wonderful
Stories about the kittens = great
Stories about your kids and the kittens = priceless!

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