Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Happy birthday to the schmoopiest guy I know!

For his early birthday dinner with my family, Warren requested a chocolate roll cake with rocky road ice cream, which had to be specially made. The woman at Baskin Robbins said, "Why he want a roll cake with rocky road?" I guess it seemed like an odd request.

Good thing I didn't tell her about the Ramen chocolate bars I ordered him!

The monkeys instantly declared it the best.chocolate.ever.

Warren asked me if you had to cook the chocolate before eating it. (It was early.) No, you don't. The chocolate just has bits of dry Ramen inside. It doesn't really have a Ramen flavor at all, just a crunch, but the chocolate is really extra yummy.

Lest you think Warren is getting shafted in the gift department, the two of us are attending the Outstanding in the Field dinner this Sunday at Whitton Farms and we have tickets to the Pixie's show in November. Pretty awesome, right?

Nothing but the best for Warren, who deserves it all and more. Happy 45, honey!


Colville Clan of TN said...

Happy Birthday Warren! That cake looks yummy as does the chocolate. Where did you find it? It'll be perfect for my brother. He eats Ramen like it's going to stop being made!

Stacey Greenberg said...

I'm pretty sure I ordered it through Amazon. I had to get a case though!

Colville Clan of TN said...

Oooh, I'm gonna check that out!

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