Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

Friday nights have gotten pretty mellow for us since I started training for the half. I do my long runs at 6am on Saturday, so I'm usually counting the minutes until bed when I get home from work. However, last Friday Jiro was insistent that we go to La Michoacana and get some ice cream for his Saturday night guests--Miles and Natasha. So we loaded up and went in search of ice cream. While there, we of course needed to eat paletas.

Once dessert was out of the way, the monkeys moved on to dinner. They added a cup of corn and some nachos to our order. Since we were half way down Summer Avenue, I suggested we top off our nutritious meal with a visit to the Los Jarochos taco trailer that parks on the corner of Summer & Perkins in the evenings.

This is Satchel's happy lengua taco face. Ha!

Once sated, we all headed home to curl up and watch a movie.

Saturday morning, Satchel came in to my room at 5:30 just as my alarm was going off complaining of a stomach ache. I assumed it was due to the "healthy" eating the night before, but after some serious questioning, he told me that a kid threw up at school and several other kids had been out sick.

I set him up on the sofa and alerted Warren to the fact that he was on puke duty until I got back from my run. Upon my return, I learned that he had indeed gotten sick, twice, so all morning plans were put on hold. Since Vanessa, Miles & Natasha were only in town for a few days, we decided to risk it and have a playdate anyway. I planned to keep Satchel isolated, which was easy since he was sleeping. However, by the time they showed up, Jiro started complaining of a tummy ache.

The kids got to play for a bit, but once Jiro put himself in bed, we knew things were not good. And, Tashie couldn't stay away from her most favorite Satchel once he woke up.

Hand santizer was passed around, and the playdate and sleepover were cancelled moments before Jiro started puking. It's been ages since anyone was sick around here, which I guess is a good thing. We tried to take the temporary set back in stride and catch up on some much needed rest.

Once the monkeys were stabilized, I left Warren in charge and spent some quality time with Vanessa and some other Rhodes pals who were gathered over at Marlinee's house. It was super fun to get to hang out with my old roomie and her precious little nugget, Reilly.

By Sunday, the monkeys didn't have an appetite, but they had a little energy. The B Team came back over and we took our traditional hike through the old forest.

Back at the house, we busted out the ice cream that we had bought on Friday night. The monkeys didn't want to eat any, which tipped me off that they really weren't back to 100%. Tashie and Miles enjoyed it though!

Then it was time for the B Team to go visit other family and my mom to come watch the monkeys while Warren and I went off to Chucalissa for the Chefs and Chiefs benefit dinner.

There was really yummy food--like this pork belly, pate, and pickled lotus root bahn mi from L'Ecole Culinaire instructors.

Best Bahn Mi ever

And Warren gave me a tour of a trench that he and co-worker spent Friday cleaning up.

We had a fun evening together, and it's always nice to get to hang with a bunch of anthropologists!

Despite the illness we still managed to have a pretty good weekend.

Best of all, Vanessa got the kids back to Massachusetts with no vomiting.

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