Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ravioli Day

My favorite pre-Thanksgiving activity is going out east to the compound to make the Zanone family ravioli with the Alleys. This year I was the very first person to arrive! I left Warren at home to finish his tart in peace, and the kids ran off the minute we walked in the door.

In the kitchen, Richard was just getting started on the dough. It didn't seem like as much as usual. Kristy told me that this year we were only making 25 dozen instead of the usual 50 since they weren't going to Georgia on Thanksgiving. "What!!" I complained. I felt like my fun had just been cut in half.

Of course that wasn't true. Taking a cue from Elizabeth, I decided to just relax.

Soon the rest of the ravioli team arrived, and after a few snacks and sips of wine/beer, we settled in at the table to get started on the ravioli construction. Meredith and Somerset were *almost* as excited as I was.

Warren, for the first time ever, actually arrived in time to make some ravioli. (He's usually sick, busy, or comes just in time to eat.)

(Photo by Chip)

He made a few and then went off to chat. I was the only person who refused to get up until we were done. At one point, due to a ravioli math error, we thought that we weren't going to have enough filling for the 25 dozen. I rallied hard for us to make an emergency grocery store trip to get the ingredients for more filling. (I'm dying to know the recipe.) But before I could convince Richard, Kristy realized she counted wrong. We were right on target. Damn!

As much as I love making the ravioli, nothing really compares to eating it. That is definitely the best part.

The kids officially have their own table, most of them choosing to eat homemade noodles with cheese. The adults gather together and savor each bite. It's awesome. And it totally makes turkey and dressing seem BORING!

I think this was the first year that neither Satchel or Jiro showed in any interest in helping, even a little. I just let them do their own thing while I did mine.

As always, a big thanks to Richard, Kristy & Andria for inviting us to share in this family tradition! I look forward to it all year!

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