Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gigi's Birthday

My mom's birthday was on the 15th, but since she wanted to have a bowling party, it took us awhile to find a day when everyone could get together. We ended up going the night before Thanksgiving, and we had a blast.

My mom makes really funny faces when she bowls. Since they aren't always pretty, I made her smile for this picture.

My sister is actually in a league and has her own shoes. They are sparkly. She has a ball too.

Warren had a really good game and it turns out it was due to his pretty pink ball!

My brother in law showed up for the second game, and got 7 strikes! It was insane. He would not let me take his picture.

When the kids finished their second game (they played a lot faster than the adults), my mom sent them off with a fist full of dollars. Later Jiro said, "If it was Gigi's birthday, why did she give us money? We should have given her money!" I explained that she was just nice. "Gigi is the nicest EVER!" he agreed.

We've now decided we must bowl as a family at least once a month. Next up, Cosmic Bowling!

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