Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Soccer Wrap Up

I guess I wore myself out with the detailed recap of games 3 & 4. Game 5 was cancelled due to Fall Break, and then we had bad weather which led to one practice per week for several weeks and we kind of lost our momentum. Game 6 made me cranky because it was the first game I felt like we might have deserved to lose, even though we tied. Then I had to have a little talk with myself about making taking it all too serious!

Game 7 was better despite resulting in another loss. The highlight of that game was one of our players having to play for the other team since they were short. It was fun to see how he handled having to play against his friends. And when the other team won, it was really funny to get to congratulate him on his first win! I thought both Satchel and Jiro played well, but again, whatever momentum we had going, was gone. Both boys, maybe most of the team, is lacking a sense of urgency. We also have problems actually getting the ball in the goal, despite numerous attempts, which is frustrating.

Last Friday was our last practice and Saturday was our last game. I am really going to miss Friday night practices--that's when the moms (and sometimes a dad or two) have cocktail hour. We really have a great group of parents who are fun to hang out with.

Saturday's game against Christ the King got off to a rocky start. We weren't sure if they were going to have enough players--they did--and then the ref never showed up. One of the other moms reffed, so we were good to go. Unlike all of the other fields we played on, this one had full size goals. I figured this would work in our favor since we have a problem getting the ball in, but it might also work against us since we are used to defending a much smaller goal. Coach wisely put his son, our biggest player, in the goal. In the time it took me to run to my car and get a whistle for Lee to ref with, our team scored! Both Jiro and Satchel were in the starting line up and as much as I wanted one of them to have been the shooter, I was very relieved to know it was jack that scored. I plan to see them make their first goal with my own eyes!

There was a lot of back and forth and a lot of running and subbing. Just before the half, the other team scored, so we were tied going into the second. The second half was more of the same, and I was worried we would stay tied, but in a moment of perfection, three of our guys, perfectly spread out, made a final run to the goal. One took a shot, the goalie deflected, and then another got the rebound. It was very exciting! And then just a minute or two later, Lee blew the whistle and we won! We won!

Through all the excitement we did manage to get a team picture.

Have you ever seen a cuter bunch?

On Sunday, we had the end of the year party back at our home field. It started with ice cream sundaes on the playground.

Then we had a totally unexpected Parents vs. Kids game! It was me and about six dads, including the coach, against all twelve kids. (Although I think there may have been some siblings too because it seemed like there were 20+ little people running around.) Oh my, it was SO.MUCH.FUN. Sadly there are no pictures. (Maybe that is a good thing!) The parents won 3 to 0, but the kids did not make it easy!

Once we were all good and winded, and had moved muscles we never use enough to be sore for several days to come, the coach called everyone over to get their trophies. He had them line up shortest to tallest, then instructed them to all try and score on him. They couldn't have their trophies until they did. This too was hilarious and super fun to watch. I of course made videos.

(Oops, I flipped the camera, mid video.)

When it was Satchel's turn, he was a little over-confident. (And I was a little bossy.)

His second attempt was much better. (And too fast for me.)

It was a lovely afternoon and a great way to cap off the season. I think we are all going to miss it. Satchel has asked if I will help him run in the off season and how could I resist that? We may have several family practices between now and the spring.

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