Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Colleen's Cookie Carousal

A couple of years ago, we had an epic cookie party at Tsunami. Last year we never managed to get it worked out. This year we made up for last year!

Colleen decided to make this year's party a little more low key--everyone was asked to bring their dough already made and to leave the kids with their dads (or whoever).

We started off with a few mimosas...

and some savory treats.

Once everyone was loosened up, the cookie making commenced.

I decided not to make anything so that I could be a helper (and assistant bartender). This was a good plan.

I started off helping Margot make some "healthy cookies."

Then I decorated a few of Ashley's sugar cookies.

Elizabeth decorated her own!!

She made one special for me.

Yes, it quickly became that kind of party. We did a lot of laughing.


And there is even a music video of our (rated G) activities, thanks to Alli.

It was a really fun way to spend a Sunday. And when I brought home a huge box of cookies, the boys couldn't agree more.

A super big thank you to Colleen for being awesome in every way!

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