Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Basketball Wrap Up

On Saturday the boys had their last games and their end of season party at the Trolley Stop Market. Although basketball got off to a rough start, and Jiro had a mid-season slump, it really did end on a high. I think we're all a little sad it's over.

Jiro's last game was first, and he was on fire. I have never seen him so confident and relaxed. In addition to bringing his usual tough ass D, he also scored a great basket. The other team's coach told the refs that he wanted his kids to get a taste of free throws, and it was a first for us too. Jiro got fouled and had two shots. He missed the first, but made the second. It was so exciting!

That's right, three points is exciting!

Satchel hadn't actually scored yet during his season, so Coach McAfee gave him some extra play time. He also had him doing a lot of one on one practice in front of the goal the night before. Then lo and behold, sometime during the second (?) quarter, Satchel shot and scored! I don't know who was grinning more, me or him, but it was awesome. A little later he also got a chance to do some free throws for the first time ever.

He didn't make either shot, but it was still exciting. (Is that the most hilarious shot ever?) Satchel's team ended up winning by several baskets, and I believe it was their fourth win in a row!

It really was fun to watch both teams grow over just a couple of months. I really can't believe I waited so long to get them into organized sports!

After the games we went to the Trolley Stop for pizza and trophies.

The kids had so much fun getting to hang out and I absolutely love the awards ceremonies. Satchel's coach said he was the most improved of the season, which was really sweet.

And Jiro's coach was also very complimentary of him. I was so proud of them both I could burst.

Speaking of coaches, Coach McAfee and Coach Carlos, who couldn't be more different in their styles, really pulled it out. I think all of their players had a great season, and all got the kind of individual attention that they needed. They also got a good dose of sportsmanship and learned to be team players. It truly was a pleasure to watch both practices and games. I think I can speak for all of the parents when I say that our kids were in good hands. I hope Chris & Carlos (and Drew!) know how much we appreciate them taking the time to coach.


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