Monday, February 27, 2012


On Friday the boys were invited to a birthday party at Ben & Jerry's. I figured they'd just have ice cream for dinner, which is kind of becoming a usual thing for us, and then head to basketball practice to work off the sugar high. That's pretty much what happened, but the ice cream part was extra fun.

Ever heard of the Vermonster? I actually first caught wind of it on Food Network, but had never seen one in person. It's a 21 scoop sundae served in a bucket. Theo, the birthday boy, and his mom often share a mini-Vermonster (4 scoops), so he wanted the real deal when he turned 10.

The Ben & Jerry's peeps had a table all set up for the kids. Everyone sat down and then they called Theo over and handed him an empty Vermonster bucket. They told him he had to catch the 21 scoops of ice cream! Then they started tossing.

He was a little embarrassed at first, but soon took on a little swagger. He dropped a few, but no one seemed to care. Then, the best part was that everyone at the party (under 10) got a chance to catch a scoop. How awesome is that?

Turns out we didn't actually eat any of the tossed scoops, so it was a little wasteful, but the kids loved it. Once everyone had a turn, they brought out the pre-made Vermonsters for them to tear into.

Once everyone had their fill, they commenced playing foosball and checkers. (I love the little dance Jiro & Santi did everytime they scored.)

It was really fun, and not just because the parents got their own Vermonster to split. (Next time I want to catch a scoop!) Jiro kindly offered to help us polish off the last of ours.


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Colville Clan of TN said...

That looks like so much fun! Where is the Ben & Jerry's?

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