Thursday, February 09, 2012

Jiro and the Cats

The other night Jiro and I were discussing the differences between our two cats. I noted that Pocky is snuggly and Darkrai is more crazy. When we were reading in bed, Jiro said, "I'm a combination of the kitties in human form. I like to snuggle and I'm a little crazy!"

Oh, those kittens. They are getting gigantic. Our last cat was rather small and they have definitely gotten bigger than she ever was.

They love the laundry.

Especially when it is nice and warm.

Seriously, when I load the washing machine, Pocky tries to get in. Ditto on the dryer. Once I left it open and he napped in there for several hours.

Pocky seems to be interested in all household chores. He practically follows me around "helping." When I sweep, he plays with the dust pile. When I bend down to empty the litter box, he tussles my hair with his paws. When I walk around and put things away, he stays underfoot. When I go to wake up the kids, he sprints up the bunkbeds and jumps on them. He's hilarious. You should have seen him playing with the giant punching balloon Jiro brought home from my niece's birthday party.

Darkrai is very aloof, and doesn't much like to snuggle, but he will from time to time. (He does like to snuggle Pocky.) He's pretty inquisitive. He likes to crawl into tiny spaces and check things out. I don't mind except for maybe the one time when he completely shredded the curtains in the bedroom. He's crazy in the sense that he likes to hide and then come out and attack Pocky when he least expects it. He's pretty hilarious too.

Jiro and Satchel both are very smitten with the kittens. They make a point of playing with them, making sure they are fed, and getting in some snuggles everyday. They both pick up the cats and hold them like they are babies. It's sweet.

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Judy said...

loved the kitty update - I had been wondering about them and how things were going. Does their differences in personality remind you at all of Satchel and Jiro ?

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