Friday, February 10, 2012


Jiro loves strawberries. He requests them on every trip to the grocery store and cares not whether they come from Jones Orchard or Chile. He wants them year round.

One of Jiro's favorite desserts is strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce. Monday night he came running over to me and said, "You know what would be awesome? Strawberries covered in chocolate!" When I told him that they actually made those he said, "No, the hard chocolate!" When I said that was what I was talking about, his eyes grew wide and he said, "Really?!" He was blown away for a few seconds and then got a sad face. "Why haven't you ever bought me any?" he asked.

Warren went to the grocery on Wednesay and bought some melting chocolate. Jiro couldn't wait to get started.

He and Satchel had so much fun dipping the strawberries and when it was time to eat them, Jiro found that they were even more delicious than he imagined.

Satchel was equally impressed.

Satchel, like his dad, was not content to just dip strawberries. They had to get out bananas, dried mango, and who knows what else.

I fully expect Warren to come home with a fondue set any day now.

Is that Melting Pot restaurant still around?

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Colville Clan of TN said...

Haha! Melted chocolate holds so many possibilities. There's a Melting Pot here in Cordova/Germantown Rd area, I think that might be a little ways to travel for you though. Now I want some strawberries!

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