Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Gettin' a little behind over here...

Valentine's Day fell on a Tuesday and despite staring at Pinterest for weeks, we did not do anything crafty. On Monday, Satchel suggested making something fancy, but since it involved enlisting Warren and his Photoshop skills, I told him he better get over it. In the end, as long as they had candy to bring to school they would get candy in return so they were happy with just buying candy.

When I was a kid we never got candy! Just cards.

Anyway, one of their classmates did do something crafty. (I pinned the idea but never acted.) Look at the cute Superhero lollipos!

Satchel said, "Lily gave me three because she loves me." Awwwww...

Our after school celebrations included taekwondo class and then a hot wing party over at the Woods' residence.

The adults started the evening off with Julie's signature cocktail, the Blackberry Bramble. She let me help, so I now know the secret recipe and can replicate it myself!

I'm actually thinking of turning it into a blackberry bramble spritzer.

For the hot wing portion of the party, Dan and I made a run to Crumpy's. He is a hot wing fanatic and swears by Crumpy's. It only took one bite for me to confirm that he is right--they are yummy. Definitely on the high sodium content side, but yummy.

The kids were very happy with the plain seasoned wings, and even polished off the asparagus that Julie made for good measure. The kids got along great and stayed busy playing so the adults actually got to hang out and talk. Overall it was a simply lovely evening.

p.s. I should add that Warren bought us all candy and hid it in my car for us to find on our way to school. Unfortunately he made the mistake of showing me the candy he bought for his coworkers before I discovered my own candy. Kind of made me look bad when I said, "Oh, so you bought your coworkers candy but not me?" on my way out the door. Oopsie.

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