Tuesday, May 01, 2012


My little Jiro turned eight on Sunday. Eight!

I reread his birth story last night just for fun. He came barreling into this world and really has continued to barrel through every day.

I mean look at him. He was born with a face full of scratches. This is a tough kid who knows what he wants and doesn't stop til he gets it.

For his birthday he told me that he wanted three things--a trip to Target, a trip to Game Stop, and a trip to Subway. I thought it was cute (and clever) that he wanted to pick out his own gifts.

We started on his wish list a little early by going to Subway before soccer practice on Friday. Jiro is totally addicted to what he calls a pizza sandwich--chicken breast with provolone, pepperoni, and marinara sauce.


After soccer, we decided to go ahead and go to Target too, since he wanted to get a new Nerf weapon for the Nerf War double birthday party we planned for Saturday. I sent him and Satchel off to the toy aisle with a budget, did my shopping, and then met up with them about a half hour later. They are quite the shoppers. (On Satchel's birthday he bought Jiro a game at Game Stop, and Jiro reciprocated by buying him a Nerf gun.)


I think it was the first time that they haven't totally annoyed the crap out of me at Target! Back at home, they worked together to build Jiro's new Lego set and then got their weapons ready for the next day with no arguments. Win!

After our soccer game the next morning, my mom gave Jiro a sapphire ring. Apparently he wanted a sapphire ring on the cruise and she told him to wait because she had a sapphire from her great grandmother. Jiro has proven to be very responsible when it comes to expensive items like his iPod and DS, so I don't think she was *too* crazy to give him such a gift. He was thrilled, and has taken very good care of it. (It says Jiro on it next to the sapphire.)


Next up was the Nerf War in Overton Park. This time it was in the formal gardens, where there were lots of hiding places, and more relaxed than our first war in November. We joked that it was a Nerf Conference because there was more hanging out and comparing weaponry than actual fighting.



Everyone seemed to have a good time, so I'd consider it a success! Afterwards, Satchel went to a friend's house and Jiro had four of his friends come over. They played around the house and then I took them to see Pirates: Band of Misfits.


I planned to take them to dinner after the movie but they insisted on going home and eating white rice. Seriously, white rice. I threw in some edamame for good measure. Once home they ran around, played games, watched TV, and stayed up til who knows when. In the morning Warren made them all a big breakfast and they had a few more hours to run wild.

Everyone left by noon-thirty, and I retrieved Satchel. He stayed up ALL night and was sent immediately to bed. Then Jiro and I went to fulfill his final wish--a trip to Game Stop. (And of course that included a pit stop at nearby Baskin Robbins.)


Later that evening, we had a family dinner at Mulan. Jiro kept his word after our first visit. Sadly, it wasn't as good as our first visit, but Jiro didn't seem to notice.

Back at home it was cake time. Only Jiro didn't want a cake. He just wanted a bowl of muffin mix. And a spoon.


Thankfully he only made it through a few spoonfuls before deciding to save the rest for later!

On Monday, he celebrated at school. I wasn't able to go unfortunately, but Warren reported that it was lovely and that everyone enjoyed the Almond Joy-like brownies that he made.


I really thought that the school celebration would mark the end of the festivities, but Jiro reminded me that I said he could have donuts at his sleepover. Since Warren made breakfast he still wanted me to make good on that promise. So, this morning we had donuts. (He asked me to hold his ring while he ate so that it wouldn't get sticky.) Man, I love that kid!

Happy Birthday, Jiro!

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