Thursday, May 31, 2012


Last Friday we dressed up like zombies in honor of Ian's 10th birthday. It also happened to be the Sixth Annual Memphis Zombie Massacre.

It was fun getting dressed at Ian's house. Warren made sure everyone looked good and bloody.


And Colleen made sure no one left thirsty or hungry.


Mmmm...watermelon margaritas! She also made cupcakes decorated like brains.

I didn't make it into any pictures, but here's rest of Team Oster all bloodied up.


Satchel didn't want a lot of make up, but I think walking around eating a Jell-O brain gave him plenty of street cred.


It was also fun to be in a group for the walk. The Zombie Massacre has become quite the kid event. The first year, I think we were one of the few people who brought kids.

I'm not going to qualify this next statement with "good" or "bad" but I will say that Satchel and Jiro often talk about the zombie apocalypse as something they fully expect to happen at some point. It's not about "if" but "when." Considering recent headlines, they may not be wrong.

The rest of the holiday weekend was less gory. On Saturday, the kids did an encore performance of Narnia at the Children's Theater Festival at Rhodes. They performed outside under a big tent and lots of their friends came to watch. It was difficult to hear them, but still a pleasure to watch.

While there, we also got a chance to see Virginia Ralph's Old Forest Fairy Tale, which was amazing. I've always wanted to write a story about the forest, and now I don't have to!

On Sunday, we went to the movies and then had a cookout at Launa's house.



On Monday, the monkeys started camp at Garden Path Studio. Warren did some work around the house and Ashley & I drove to Sardis to do a practice swim for the Dragonfly Triathlon. Then Warren and I went to the movies again. That evening, he fired up his grill and made us a feast to remember. The star of the meal was his baby bok choy.


Actually the whole meal rocked, but I was too busy eating it to take pictures. What!

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