Wednesday, May 23, 2012


For the first time ever, the monkeys had a school play. Their elementary class performed the first of two shows last night. It was the cutest thing I have EVER seen.

The children decided early in the school year that they wanted to do a play. However, the teaching assistant who was going to lead the production unexpectedly resigned between semesters. The children were super bummed and it looked like it just wasn't meant to be. However, one of the student's aunts, who just happens to work with Voices of the South, stepped in and took charge of the play.

Voices of the South primarily uses narrative theater and it turned out to be a great fit. Satchel has been really excited and nervous about the play. He is Edmond so his role is pretty significant. Earlier in the week, Warren told him the best way to not be nervous was to be prepared and he really took it to heart. Jiro was playing a more minor character, a dwarf, and seemed a little nervous, but not too bad.

I had no idea what to expect and was simply blown away. Satchel was so confident! And dramatic! And Jiro was the best dwarf I have ever seen. His part was actually much more important than I had assumed.

Here are the dwarfs. I want Jiro to wear that hat everyday.


Edmond meets the White Witch!


He eats Turkish Delight! He was SO excited about eating Turkish Delight. He totally stuffed his face and could barely say his lines!


Edmond was captured and used as bait for his siblings.


They had two really awesome fight scenes. This was one of them. Edmond was hurt but his sister saved him with a magic potion from Santa Claus!


A bunch of stuff happened and then the siblings went back through the wardrobe to reality.


The end!


Okay I know that was a really pathetic recap. But! Good news. You can come see the second performance this Saturday at Rhodes College. They will be performing at 11:00 as a part of the Children's Theater Festival! It's pay what you can and there's tons for the kids to do. It's going to be great!

Special thanks to Lisa Anderson for the photos!

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