Tuesday, July 03, 2012

My Jiro

Jiro woke up on Saturday with one thing on his mind. Sky Zone!


He jumped, and jumped, and jumped, and jumped. He loves it.

Later, we were at our friends' house. The family is very musical. Jiro said, "I'm bored. I guess I'll play the drums."


Soon after, he stopped at the piano and played it for awhile. I saw Satchel pick up a guitar. (Or maybe it was a bass? I still don't know.) It was awesome. Yay for Rock-n-Romp Camp.

The next day, we went swimming at the JCC like we've been doing most summer Sundays for the past four years. However, it was the first time Jiro realized that he could not have a cheeseburger, only a hamburger.


He was then treated to the world's worst explanation of what kosher is, by yours truly.

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