Monday, July 09, 2012

Updatey Like

Last week I had intended for us to spend a week in a cabin in Fall Creek Falls. However, Warren's Chattanooga duty put an end to that.

Since I had to work, my mom graciously offered to host Camp Gigi until Wednesday. I dropped the kids off on Sunday afternoon and then immediately went to see Magic Mike with my besties. Okay, not immediately. I did stop for a drink with Aimee.


In my defense, I did just complete 10 days of solo parenting!

Warren actually came home Monday evening, four days ahead of schedule. My mom said Camp Gigi was running smoothly, so we enjoyed a couple of days without the kids. We went to dinner and a movie (Ted, which is hilarious) on Monday and on Tuesday, we allowed Warren and some others to infiltrate our sacred Cove space.

Warren fit right in.


Then we went to see Amy Lavere at the Hi Tone. She didn't play my favorite song, but I did get some much needed fashion ideas.

On Wednesday morning I picked up the boys and we chilled until the afternoon when we decided it was time to get Jiro on two wheels. He actually did great, and despite having tried numerous times in the past, I think he may be official now.

Yes, that's Warren following along on Satchel's bike. We eventually had Jiro try Satchel's bike, and Satchel rode Jiro's tiny bike, and that's when we realized the tiny bike was super tight and hard to steer. So yeah, maybe Jiro had the deck stacked against him.

After the park, we went to Launa's for a cookout and swim party. Warren and Launa had both purchased lots of fireworks so it was lively to say the least.

I should also note that if you ever go to Launa's, there's a good chance her oldest daughter will make you some bacon. In her swimsuit.


Warren might also show you some sweet skateboarding moves. In his swimsuit.


On Thursday, the monkeys visited Evergreen Montessori for the day. Turns out the day's activity was riding bikes in the park. Ms. Melissa sent me this picture of Satchel showing off.


Not surprisingly, he came home with a big hole in his jeans (no he hasn't started wearing shorts yet, not hot enough) and dried blood all over his leg. Jiro had a few scrapes, but nothing major.

On Friday, I didn't really have a plan for the boys, so I ended up taking the day off to hang out with them. We started off with some breakfast at Cafe Eclectic. Then we decided to invite a couple of friends to go swimming at the JCC.


After swimming, I fed the boys lunch and let them hang out at the house for a bit. I had some work to do, then I picked up my friend, Colleen, and headed to a Project Green Fork happy hour at the Fishes' house.


The signature cocktail was called Rosemary's Baby!


It was served up by guest bartender, Ben Smith, who took his job very seriously.


The event raised $700!

When it was over, I went home to eat pizza and watch Harry Potter with the boys.

Saturday was pretty uneventful--my new running group started, I went to the farmers market, ran some errands...and then read (a book!) in bed. Every once in awhile, I got a visitor or two.


Warren made dinner and we watched another Harry Potter movie.

On Sunday, I started the day off with a 26 mile bike ride with my group and then headed back to the pool with the monkeys. They were happy to see lots of their friends there.



We officially ended the weekend at Mi Peublo with a giant Margarona. More on that later!


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