Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I don't usually like to go more than a week without posting something, but life has been kicking my ass lately.

We're still adjusting to the new school schedule. Amazing how adding just an hour or two in the morning can throw everything off! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, though. I do think the day will come when I don't collapse into bed as soon as I get the kids to sleep at 9pm. (Or 9:30pm. Or 10:00pm.)

The monkeys really are doing great. Satchel is very conscientious about his work and seems to have a handle on it. Jiro's teacher called yesterday to tell us how well he is doing. So, yay!

The really big news is that they are walking home. Some days they even play outside with neighborhood kids. It's like 1980! This week they've been back on a Minecraft kick, so Warren cleverly hides the mouse to the main computer and my laptop every morning. They have to complete their homework before he discloses the secret location. Obviously coming up with new hiding places is going to be a challenge at some point, but I trust him to do it!

Soccer has also started. I'm coaching one of the 3/4 grade teams at Evergreen with Coach Carlos again. Jiro is playing for us and we have several other returning spring players. I think it's going to be a good season. Jiro has been a bit of a challenge. He thinks that me being the coach means he is the assistant coach. We had some growing pains last season and worked it out, so I am just hanging tough waiting for Hurricane Jiro to pass.

Satchel is playing on the 5/6 grade team at Second Presbyterian. So far he really likes it. They only practice one hour a week, which doesn't seem like much to me, but the team has a good reputation, so I'm hopeful that he will have a winning season. Unfortunately his practice is on Friday at the same time I coach my team, so I may never get to see him in action there. I am hopeful that the game schedules won't conflict too much. But yeah, Saturdays in Sept/Oct/Nov are going to be crazytown...just the way I like them, I guess.

So, there you have it. For now.

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