Thursday, August 16, 2012


Yesterday, my little Jiro started his journey with orthodontia by having a separator put in the roof of his mouth. Apparently Jiro doesn't have enough room for all of his teeth, so the orthodontist is trying to make room before they sprout through the roof of his mouth.


Warren had a spacer when he was little, and I got my first retainer in third grade, so we are both very empathetic. In a month, he will move to braces.

My poor baby!

His mouth is sore, it's hard to eat, and it's even affecting his speech a bit, which he worked so hard to correct. It's been frustrating for him, but he's hanging tough.

I just feel so bad for him. I ruined my teeth by sucking my thumb for years and years. I had so hoped that by preventing the monkeys from sucking their thumbs, they might have a chance at straight teeth. (Satchel's are far from straight, but he hasn't been referred to the orthodontist yet.)


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