Monday, September 10, 2012

Of Note

Last year, Satchel really got into reading and tore through several book series. Looks like it is happening with Jiro. Satchel asked me to get him the Amulet series last week, and I did, but Jiro jumped in and fished them all before Satchel did.

They are graphic novels, but I'm excited to see Jiro loving reading.


Of course now we need a new series. ideas?

On the Satchel front, his team, Second Presbyterian, had their first soccer game on Saturday. They beat Kirby Woods 7-1 and Satchel had a nice assist.


This was my first time to even see his team since they practice when my/Jiro's team practices, so I was really excited. It was also kind of nice to just get to watch some soccer and not coach it. (Don't get me wrong, I love coaching, but it's been a year since I got to just watch!)

The 2PC team has been together for awhile, and Satchel is one of the only new players. So all of the other parents seemed to know who I was and they were really friendly. I even met a kindred spirit--a mom who grew up playing soccer and is intense about watching her kids play.

Unfortunately, Satchel has FIVE games at the exact same time as my/Jiro's games, and two back to back at different fields so I am going to miss half, if not more, of his season. WHY? I really never thought the schedules would overlap so much. I can't even think about it.

After Satchel's game, we watched the 5-6 Evergreen team play, and they were great. Satchel knew three players from his class and it was really cute to see them run over to him after the game to talk. Of course, now I wish I would have just signed him up at Evergreen. Then maybe I could actually see his games.

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