Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The Big Run

On Saturday, I ran the St. Jude Half Marathon for the third time. It was my second time with Star Runners. I think there were about 100 of us either running the half or the full. We met up at Autozone park before the race. It is so much more fun being on a team than going it alone!


This year, Ashley and I were thrilled to have Shannon running with us too. We were all aiming for a 2:13 finish. It was not going to be easy.


And yes, I am wearing a tank top. It was 65 degrees! Oh how I miss the 27 degree weather we had four years ago when I did the 5K. It seems like it gets hotter and hotter every year. Not what I want in a December race! But, St. Jude is my favorite race. Not only is it for a good cause, it's really well organized.

Overall I was pleased with my run, although I did not meet my goal of 2:13. The first ten miles were amazing. We were totally on target for our goal. But, it was SO hot. At every water stop I had to pour water on my head. All of the official race photos, which are too embarrassing to post here, show me so red faced that I am almost purple.

Star told us that meeting our goal would be hard and that we should feel out of our comfort zone. That was very true.

Once we cleared Overton Park we were all hitting a wall. "This sure is a thick wall," Ashley commented at one point. My legs and my feet were starting to ache, and I was worried about being able to finish. This is officially called bonking.


I knew that running at the goal pace was going to be hard, and I'm glad I was able to do it for ten miles. Had the weather cooperated, I *may* have been able to keep it up.

The three of us separated for the last three miles, and I was the last to cross the finish line. I was able to totally sprint it in and I finished six minutes faster than last year, setting a PR (Personal Record), so I definitely feel good about that.


After the race, we met back up, cheered on our teammates, and then went to Central BBQ for a well deserved beer.

2010: 2:41:19
2011: 2:26:01
2012: 2:19:56

Next up, Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon in New Orleans, Feb 24th! Star Runners starts training this Saturday if any of you Memphis peeps want to join us.

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