Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Picard 1999-2013

Last night we had to put our sweet old dog, Picard, to sleep. It was bittersweet. He was ready, but we were sad to see him go. I have never had a dog live long enough to actually have to be put down, so that too was bittersweet.


We took the dogs to the park for a nice, long walk on Sunday. Picard seemed to enjoy himself and near the end, he went and curled up in the middle of an old tree stump and went to sleep. For a minute we thought he might just drift off forever.


We tried to make his last days with us special. Warren made him pork chops on Saturday, neck bones on Sunday, and we hand fed him steak last night.

When Warren was cooking the neckbones, Satchel asked, "What's that delicious smell? Can I have some?"

Ok, why not?


He said some parts tasted good and others did not. It was cute. Picard liked all of the parts.


On Sunday night, we made a stepping stone with his paw prints to put out in the yard.


The Mobile Vet came to our house yesterday evening, and we all gathered around Picard as she sedated him and then gave him his final injection. He wasn't scared at all, and it was very peaceful. When he was gone, I carried him out into the backyard and we buried him.

R.I.P. Picard. I hope you are reincarnated into a fox, like Jiro predicted.

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Colville Clan of TN said...

It's always hard to make that decision, my thoughts are with you and your boys. I understand completely the bittersweetness.

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