Friday, January 11, 2013

The Chicken or the Egg?

Remember these ladies?


We got them back in the spring with the hopes of filling our days with fresh eggs. For the most part they did their duty and laid eggs. We did our duty and fed them and watered them and cleaned up their poop. It was fun to watch them run around the yard, and they were good about eating bugs and whatnot. I can't say we ever really bonded though. It wasn't like they ever ran up to us for a snuggle.

When we got them, everyone said, "You'll never eat chicken again." Well, you know what? We still eat lots of chicken. The problem is that the kids no longer want to eat eggs. Considering eggs are one of the few things I know how to cook, this sucks.

Having chickens and collecting their eggs put eggs in the "icky" category for the kids. Even though I had been buying farm fresh eggs for over a year before we got the chickens, the kids insisted they tasted different.

How annoying is that?

When our friend, Jamie, said he was thinking about getting chickens, we decided to give him ours. With Warren teaching and the dogs getting older, it just wasn't worth the time to take care of them and then have the kids refuse to eat the eggs.

So on Sunday we said good-bye to Omelet and Lollipop.


As a thank you, Jamie gave us a big container full of the most delicious chicken noodle soup ever.

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