Tuesday, January 22, 2013


When Fall soccer ended, I immediately started looking for an indoor team for the monkeys to play on. When there wasn't a team, I immediately started putting one together. Somewhere along the way, I found out that I actually needed to put an entire league together! With the help of a few other coaches from Evergreen, we actually made it happen. The Ninjas, Rats, Beavers, and Bigfoot now comprise Greenfield Arena's U13 league. It's mostly boys, but we have a few girls too.

We had one practice the first week of January, and have now played two games. We have four more games, and then we'll do two weeks of play-offs.

My Ninjas are a combination of some of my best players from the fall and some of the best players from Satchel's team at Second Presbyterian. Then we have a few friends thrown in for good measure.


We are by far the smallest team in the league, but we are holding our own. I love having both of my boys on my team.


Indoor soccer is much faster paced, since the ball goes out less often, and it has been great exercise for the players. My players are pretty experienced and with no practice, coaching is pretty easy.

Both Satchel and Jiro have been enthusiastic and cooperative (for the most part). They've asked to kick the ball on weekends when the weather is nice, and over the long weekend, we organized a pick up game with ten other kids from the league.

It has been really great to build a relationship with the owners of the indoor arena. I can see this as the beginning of a long term love affair! I have also enjoyed getting to know 30 new players and better getting to know the other three coaches. So even though it has been a ton of work, it's totally been worth it. Next season should practically organize itself.

What's next you ask? An old lady soccer league, of course. I'm thinking 35 and up.

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