Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Back Among the Living

Last week is a blur of blankets on the floor, various medications, and trips to the grocery store. I was knocked out with a sinus attack and the boys both had what I can only guess was the flu. They were fevery and lethargic. Jiro had no appetite and Satchel was starving. Satchel also had some GI problems, so maybe they didn't even have the same thing.

We spent most of the week in the livingroom.


By Thursday, the boys were annoying each other and wrestling so I thought they were on the road to recovery, but they never seemed well enough to go back to school.


I thought for sure that basketball and soccer would get at least Jiro going on Saturday, but he slept until the basketball game started and despite wanting to play soccer, he only made it for about two minutes. Ditto for Satchel.

It was very sad.

By Saturday night, Jiro started to get his appetite back, and on Sunday he made it to the Hi-Tone for the Old Forest Jamboree.


Satchel, who had convinced me he was well enough for a sleepover before his sad showing at the soccer game, was probably a bit optimistic about his recovery. As you can see here, he fell asleep at the Jamboree.


Seriously, I love that picture.

Thankfully Monday was a school holiday, so the boys had one last day to hang out in their jammies and rest up. They were actually excited about returning to school today.

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