Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Breakin'

So, as some of you may remember, I didn't have the best Spring Break last year. This year, I planned to do better. Wary of making any major travel plans, we sent Warren to California to visit his friends and family and hopefully decompress from his stressful teaching duties, and we set about having a glorious staycation.

Friday night, Jiro had his end of season basketball party.



He was once again praised for being a beast, but I think he finally realizes it is praise. Jiro isn't the best at scoring, but he is a really amazing defensive player. He likes basketball practice a lot, but gets nervous in games. We talk about basketball as something we do between soccer games.

Saturday we went to see Oz, which had been highly anticipated.


I thought it was pretty disappointing, but the boys liked it ok.

Sunday was take Warren to the airport day, followed by a trip to Skyzone. Oh how the monkeys love Skyzone! I didn't get any jumping pictures this time, but I did get a few of sweaty boys enjoying the #1 Meal Deal: A slice of pizza, a bag of chips, candy, and a soda. Not bad for $5. Unless of course you pay attention to nutritional labels.


If you look behind Satchel in the photo above, you can see the teenager who asked me if I ever watched "Mama's Family." I should have known better than to ask why, but she told me I reminded her of Mama. And apparently she thought she was complimenting me.

Really? I won't lie. That totally depressed me.

Moving on!


I love this picture because Satchel was explaining what sterotypes are, and why it is dangerous to use them.

For those of you keeping track, our staycation involved a lot of junk food.

The boys really wanted to have a sleepover Sunday night, but I had to work Monday-Wednesday. We sat down together and made a plan for the week that we could all agree on.


As you can see by Tuesday night's activities, I got to have some fun too. Jiro went to Taekwondo Camp with Santi and Enrique Monday-Wednesday, and Satchel spent a couple of days with his friend, Theo.

On Wednesday we had a minor derailment due to Jiro breaking a wire on his braces. The (world's most awesome) orthodontist, Dr. Brad, actually closed his office for spring break, but made a special trip in just for us.

Wednesday evening marked the beginning of the world's most epic sleepover and playdate. I will need a separate post for it.

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janiam said...

The picture of Mama has me cracking up. I do not see the resemblance.

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