Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Soccer

We had just two weeks off after the end of indoor soccer before the beginning of spring soccer. It was such a looooooooong two weeks! After indoor, the boys kind of forgot what it was like to actually practice. I think playing a game every week spoiled them.

Satchel is back with Second Presbyterian's 5/6 grade team this spring, and Jiro was invited to practice and sub in with them. Pretty exciting. They had their first practice last Friday. I did not dress them, but was pleased by what they wore. Look at my little soccer rockers.


Jiro is also playing in his age division at Evergreen. After indoor, I decided to take a break from any official coaching duties. Instead, along with Carlos, I am assisting Coach Bailey. We've had a couple of practices so far and since most of the team played indoor, we have hit the ground running.


Now, I just have to hope that the stars align and the game schedules don't overlap too much so I can make it to all of the games!

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