Wednesday, July 31, 2013

O35 Soccer

On Sunday, we finished up the first ever season of Women's Over 35 Indoor Soccer. To say that I enjoyed it would be an understatement.

Each week I woke up sick to my stomach and nervous as hell, but once I got on the field I was alright. It was really encouraging to see that my body still remembered the moves I learned so long ago!

My team, the Highballs, was composed of the moms of the boys I coach at Evergreen, or during last winter's U13 indoor season, or who played with Satchel at 2PC. It was super fun getting to know each other better and I realized my dream of playing right wing to Corrie's left wing! We were definitely a dynamic duo. And even better, the kids I coach could kind of see that I know what I am talking about!

Of course the best part of playing the games was celebrating after.


We started off really strong, and went into the final tournament seeded #2 (of 4). Unfortunately for us, the #3 and #4 teams, who had been practicing their pants off, beat us in the end! But we are fired up and ready to be #1 next season!

The Ruby Slippers (in red) won the championship pretty handily thanks to Lee, a firecracker with a magic foot! She scored 27 goals for the season, which is an average of 3 goals per game. The Kicktators definitely win the most improved award. And the most spirited! They definitely know how to celebrate!


(I got to be in the winners' picture because I am the boss lady.)

After the final game, we all went to the downtown Central Barbeque to celebrate together, which was loads of fun. This picture was taken after several hours of enjoying each other's company.


It was truly amazing to see how far everyone came over the eight week season. A lot of the women had never played before and many of them hadn't even been actively exercising. It took some guts for each and every one of us to get out there.

It really reminded me a lot of the early days of roller derby. BUT! Since it was just for fun (roller derby was a business) we managed to keep it almost entirely drama free.

Now drama free doesn't mean we didn't get competitive, because we did, but it always got left on the field and everyone left with a smile on their face (and a beer in hand)!

Since we had so much fun, we are of course going to do it again. The next season starts Sept. 8th and we want to add two new teams. No experience necessary! We hold several open practices a week for those who want to work on basic skills. These practices are optional. Games will be on Sunday afternoons at either 3p, 4p, or 5p.

Email me if you are interested!

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