Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Best Buddies Forever?

Nearly six years ago, Jiro had his very first sleepover with Santi & Enrique. It was a pretty big deal. Until then, Jiro had mostly tagged along with Satchel and his friends. Now he officially had his own friends. (And furtehrmore, this was back when Jiro's speech was pretty hard to understand. These guys connected on a deeper level than silly chit chat!)

Jiro fell age-wise right in the middle of Santi and Enrique and the three of them got along like brothers. I'm sure these names are not new to anyone who is a regular reader of this blog.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Santi and Enrique moved away. Far away! (All the way to Maryland!) The best buddies had one last blow out at Five Guys and YoLo and then I watched as they awkwardly said goodbye to each other (and hugged three times).


It was devastating! (To me, anyway.) I don't know that it's really sunk in for Jiro. Although, the next day at Rock-n-Romp, he wouldn't leave my side and seemed lost without his two best buddies. "I wish Santi and Enrique were here," he said sadly, a number of times.

Eventually he found some other friends and had fun running around. He even met Kid President!


His brother even hung out with him for a minute.


But even with other friends and his brother, it's going to be really hard. Jiro did everything with Santi and Enrique. In the age of Facebook it certainly seems like they will reconnect at some point. There's been talk of emailing and writing letters or even Skyping until they are old enough to do something like Facebook, but it's just not the same as playing soccer, going swimming, and having sleepovers.


I guess I have to hope for the best and just trust that whatever brought them together in the first place will do so again in the future.

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