Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Party Pics

This little blog is getting so far behind! Since my last post there have been so many ups and one giant down, but I am going to try and keep things chronological.

I am doing a little photo dump of some VIP (Very Important Person) (Not really) things we've done over the past few weeks.

First off, the Flyer's Best of Memphis results came in and I am happy to report that Dining with Monkeys is still holding strong in the Best Blog category. The best part about the Best of Memphis poll is the Best of Memphis party that immediately follows the publishing of the results! This year the party was at the old abandoned Imperial Lanes. It was super fun.

A bunch of my O35 crew was in attendance.


And two out of three of my roler derby besties. (I am so sporty! Ha!)


A week or so later, there was the Second Annual Best Memphis Burger Fest and Jiro and I judged again.


We only had four burgers to try, but they were all so good we decided to take them home after our judging bites. In the end it took the whole family to polish them off! We even sent half of one with Gigi.

Finally, Launa texted me this cute pic of me and my buddy Michael from the Cochon Event in August. We made RSVP. Ha!


Now, the best thing about all of these pictures? They were all taken by Don Perry, who I used to date before marrying Warren. I really appreciate how he always manages to snap a nice picture of me when we bump into each other at these events.

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