Thursday, October 03, 2013

September Rock-n-Romp

We had another great show at the Corn Maze on Sept. 21st. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for jumping pillows, mazes, beer, and music.

Jiro had a bit of a freak out on the way because Rock-n-Romp especially reminds him that his best buddies no longer live in Memphis. I assured him he would still have fun and know lots of people and thankfully, I was right. I pretty much never saw him again once we got there.

Satchel, who brought his friend, Pavel, along, came by every few minutes to ask for money.


I spent the bulk of the show "helping" the homebrewers. This meant I sat nearby and then did something if they needed it. This translated into walking around and hollering that there could be six beer lines instead of just one.

Then I sat and chatted.


I believe this was in the midst of a conversation about 11 and 12 year olds not brushing their teeth.


Once the show was over, we took a new board photo against the corn. Awesome, right?


(I had someone ask me the name of the "Rock-n-Romp lady with the big boobs" and I replied, "This is a trick question, right?")

After the show, we went to Chiwawa to have dinner with friends and half of my soccer team. We had to wait a while for a table big enough for everyone, but once we were seated on the patio, we had great service. Our waitress never missed a beat with 4 adults and 8 kids.


Jiro sat with the adults and pretended not to regret it.

At some point there will be an official recap on the Rock-n-Romp blog!

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