Thursday, May 29, 2014


So a few weeks ago, I picked up Jiro from a sleepover at Evergreen Presbyterian. His friend had baseball practice and I was a few minutes late and before I knew it, I had a baseball player.


The baseball coach is a friend, and just happened to be Jiro's first ever soccer coach. He did a flinch test with the kids to determine who would play catcher, and guess who passed with flying colors?


Guess who also had a home run his first time at bat?


Yup, Jiro. The coach is very much, "This kid's got natural talent!" Well, duh. Jiro is definitely my athlete.

It's been a pretty rainy season, so there have only been three games. Jiro hasn't single-handedly won them for his team, but he's held his own.

There's nothing cuter than him in his catcher's get up.

I've only managed one full game and part of another due to having my own soccer games scheduled at nearly the exact time each week. But, I am learning the lingo, and my short term memory is getting strengthened as I attempt to keep track of strikes and balls and outs.

Warren, who has always wanted a ball player, is thrilled. Now he just has to figure out how to get Satchel interested!


Six out of ten games were rained out, so baseball was a bit anti-climactic. Jiro had fun and they did manage to win their last game.



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