Monday, September 29, 2014

Shelby Farms Park

When the kids were out of school a while back, I decided to take the day off too. It had been awhile since I got to spend the whole day with them, and they were desperately in need of some outdoor activity. I had been wanting to take Satsuki to the Shelby Farms dog park, so I thought adding in a little hike would make for a perfect morning.

Shannon and I ran the Wolf River Trail several times in preparation for Sylamore earlier this year and I thought I was pretty familiar with it. In my mind, the dog area was pretty close to where we started our runs.

There is a lot of construction going at the park, especially near Patriot Lake. It was very disorienting! The monkeys and I had to do a little unexpected loop to find the trail head, and by the time we were there, they were already kind of over the hiking portion of our day. But I kept them going!


I did allow a few breaks.


After a mile or so, we still hadn't found the dog park. We did find a ranger, though. He pretty much said we were nowhere near it. (Note to self, a six mile run with a friend is not at all like hiking with kids.) Since it was super hot, we decided to double back to the car. Then we drove around the perimeter of the park to the off leash area.

It was well worth the wait. Satsuki was stoked.


She didn't swim so much, but she ran around and around and had the best time ever.

The off leash area is super pretty and it was nice to just hang out for a bit.


We definitely have to go back.

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